Community Highlights: Where to go in San Diego with your Family

We love our community and thought we’d share some local gems for out of town visitors and neighbors alike in North County, San Diego. From ice cream shops to flower fields, San Diego has plenty of places for all members and ages in the family!

Trying to convince the family to come to town? Send them this article and see if they’ll budge!

Ponto Beach, Carlsbad

Ponto Beach is one of our favorite beaches in North County and located just down the road from our office. A favorite spot for surfers, you’ll see a spectrum of people and some beautiful rolling blue waves and cliffs. Bring a little picnic, some beverages, chairs and pull up for sunset. You’ll be glad you did.

Flower Fields, Carlsbad

With our offices in Carlsbad, we’re fortunate to drive by the Flower Fields on a daily basis. With the price of admission around $15, during full bloom, it’s one of the most beautiful places we can think of to visit in North County. You can see the ocean from the fields and there is a strawberry and orange vendor outside the fields with some of the juiciest produce we’ve picked up recently.

Handel’s Ice Cream, Encinitas

This ice cream shock quickly rose to fame after the owners created dozens of delicious and creative flavors that will razzle and dazzle you. Located right near Moonlight beach, we recommend grabbing some scoops during off hours (it gets really crowded during prime ice cream hours) and take a stroll down to the sand.

Omni La Costa, La Costa

Stay at the resort, get a pass to the pool, stop by Deepak Chopra’s Meditation and Wellness Center or grab a sip at one of their beautiful lounges. The grounds are on a golf course and on a beautiful day, this place feels like a tropical paradise.

Lagoon trails, North County

Not many people know there’s a whole lagoon trail system stretching across North County, San Diego. You can start in Carlsbad and work your way through on a hike that’s both beautiful and relaxing. Want something more intense? Try the Elfin Forest or Lake Hodges. Both are in North County and require a beautiful drive through the rolling hills of Rancho Santa Fe if you are driving East.

Modern Times, Encinitas

Let’s face it, San Diego is home of the Craft IPA scene and there are so many great breweries to choose from. Modern Times just opened up a new brewhouse in Encinitas that also serves up outstanding vegan food. The decor feels like a night at Grandpa’s house and there’s plenty of room to sit at tables, a special stadium seating, or the U-shaped bar. Dogs are allowed and it’s got a great North County community feel.

Campfire, Carlsbad

A great place for lunch or dinner, this restaurant has a diverse and modern cuisine with mixologists working the beverages. Popular for its very Instagrammable decor, this is a hotspot for locals and out of towners that are drawn to its food for its great reviews. Plus, this establishment lives up to its name – everything is cooked over a live fire – just like a campfire!

Belly Up, Solana Beach

Looking for some good live music? Look no further than Belly Up, a well known little gem in Solana Beach. They’ve privately hosted bands like the Rolling Stones so, while an intimate venue, it draws world-class musicians from around the world.

The Land & Water Co, Carlsbad

The sushi at this restaurant is delicious, fresh, and prepared by people who seem passionate about their craft. Grab some dinner and stop by their speakeasy, The Charles Kenneth, underneath when you’re done. You won’t be disappointed with its old-timey feel and historical significance you’ll learn upon entrance.

Kim’s Vietnamese, Encinitas

Do you like pho? This Vietnamese dish is becoming as popular as ramen and is our go-to rainy day food. Kim’s in Encinitas is absolutely delicious and she adds daikon to her recipe which is the first we’ve experienced in the dozens of place in North County. An extra perk is Kim herself owns the alteration shop across the street so if you need to have her loosen your pants after a big bowl of some delicious pho, you know where to go!

La Jolla Shores, La Jolla

This is one of San Diego’s sandy white beaches that is great for learning how to snorkel, surf, or swim with (we are told – harmless) tiger sharks and sea lions. There’s also kayaking, great restaurants, breathtaking views, and La Jolla town center is just up the road. Try to go off hours as the parking at the beach is quite crowded during prime hours, especially during Summer.

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