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Do you really have everything handled the way your family deserves? We all have goals and dreams. Are you on track to meet yours? Do you have the time to research your investment selections? Is your estate up to date? Have you evaluated all the possible risks to your money and your family? Are you prepared if you live longer than planned in retirement? Will your portfolio survive another crash in the market? Are your kids on track? If your parents are still with us are they in a position to weather any storm life throws at them? If something happens to you what will happen to your family?

``It really comes down to one question: Are you and your family going to be OK now and in the future?”

Retirement Plans

At McClure Wealth, we can help you answer these questions. Yes, we are financial planners and there is much more to it than that. We will help you with your investment selection and management. We enjoy the challenge of building a risk-appropriate portfolio that can survive the ups and downs of the market. We can also do a great job helping you evaluate your insurance, estate plan, college savings, and so much more.

We are available to answer questions on almost any financial topic whether it’s related to investments or not. After more than 26 years in the business, if we don’t know the answer to your question we probably know someone who does. Over the years we have learned the stories of hundreds of clients and we have seen what worked for them and more importantly what didn’t work. One of our goals is to be there for your family so that you don’t make those same mistakes.

For our individual clients, we provide retirement plan designs ranging from Traditional IRAs to Individual Ks, Rollover IRAs, and more. We provide wealth management services including advisory and brokerage accounts. We will help manage your financial life and save for the future.

Why should you work with us? We listen, we meet you in person, we care and we have a passion for what we do. Perhaps just as important, we will work with you to discover what needs to happen in all aspects of your financial life, for you and your family to be successful and to thrive.

You will have a set meeting every quarter. In addition to reviewing your investment portfolio at each meeting, we will address one or two topics from your custom plan. Most clients have a half dozen or more things in their plan to start with. And as time goes on the market changes and your situation changes so there are always new things to address.

The McClure Wealth Management process takes a little extra time for both you and for us, but we do most of the work and it is worth it. As time goes on and each item gets handled you get to feel the confidence of knowing that you and your family are taken care of.

We help our individual clients set up Simple IRAs, Traditional IRAs, Individual Ks, 401Ks, 403bs, and more. We believe your retirement plan should have the following qualities:


We know you want to focus on running your company, not retirement planning. As your financial advisor, McClure Wealth Management has solutions to simplify plan administration for you and your staff.

Plan Wellness

A healthy retirement plan focuses on increasing participation and driving participants to adequately fund their accounts to ensure income replacement at retirement.


We pride ourselves on being available to both the business owners and their employees to answer questions about their retirement plan or any other financial planning needs they may have.


All fees are disclosed, and we compare several different providers to find the best fit at the best price for your retirement plan. We ensure fair fees while maintaining high quality investments.