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Retirement Plans for Business Owners

Is your retirement plan working for you and your employees? Do you fully understand your fiduciary responsibilities? What strategies do you use to reduce future taxes? If something happens to you; what will happen to your business? Will the business maintain its value for your family? Do you have a succession plan or exit strategy? Is it codified? Does your estate plan cover all of the assets and protect your family in all possible scenarios? How do you retain your best employees? Have you addressed the fiduciary liability of having a retirement plan? Is your retirement plan cost efficient? Do you have a financial advisor who understands the issues involved with being a business owner?

Business 401Ks

Business owners may benefit from diversifying holdings away from their company and into retirement plans. Retirement plans are one of the last great tax shelters, and as phase-out limits fall, and tax rates rise, they become more important every year.

Most business owners truly want to help their employees save for their future, and offer retirement planning, a cornerstone benefit for employees. The truth is that without retirement plans at work, most employees would not be on track, and in fact, many would have no retirement savings at all.

If you are like other business owners, you are short on time, many of your assets are in the business, and you may be paying too much in taxes. You are concerned about your employees, and especially about your family.

The fact is, many people are so busy that personal retirement planning often gets neglected. Most likely, your business is the engine that drives your financial life, and our financial advisors want to support you. We see our jobs as more than just wealth managers. We will help you identify any holes in your financial planning that might endanger your business or your family.

Financial advisors at McClure work with all types of businesses from start-ups to more established corporations. As business owners ourselves, we understand the entrepreneurial journey and can help you evaluate all of your investing options from a place of experience.

This is why we typically lead a team of supporting business professionals from various disciplines including CPA’s, estate planning attorneys, business attorneys, and health insurance professionals. We aim to make sure that your business needs are evaluated from all angles and help you grow and protect your business, retain key employees, and secure your family’s future.


Comprehensive Planning

We take a collaborative approach to constructing client portfolios. Whether it’s a company or individual retirement plan, the financial advisors at McClure take the time to sit down with each client to review their financial position and understand their current and future goals. Then, we build a savings and investing road map and explore options for investing client assets. Every year, we provide individuals with portfolio review sessions. For companies, we host enrollment meetings, annual reviews, and educational events to increase participation in their retirement plan and to help their employees secure a better financial future.