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Solutions for Small Business Owners

If you are self-employed, the retirement planning process is inherently more complex. Your business has needs of its own separate from your household and family needs.

Retirement Strategy

Many times, small business owners miss tax-saving opportunities or underfund their retirement because they are unaware of the available options. We will identify the best plan for your company based on the structure, size, and age of your workforce.

Tax Mitigation

Setting up the right vehicles to support your retirement plan can have enormous tax implications over the life of your business. There are many options we have that allow you to lower your tax bill and keep more of your earnings.

Risk Management

The right insurance policies provide crucial protection in the event that an injury or illness renders the owner of a company unable to work. We can evaluate your current life insurance, long-term disability, key person insurance, workers’ compensation, and general liability to ensure that your coverage is optimized for your needs.

Succession Planning

Work with us to put a foundation in place to enjoy a prosperous retirement and provide for your family’s future:

  • Cash flow & contingency planning
  • Exit & succession planning
  • Buy-sell agreements

As a long-time business owner, I enjoy working with fellow business owners and serving as a sounding board for the same challenges we all encounter sooner or later.