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Get your questions about retirement answered.

Most business owners and employees don’t have anyone to talk to when it comes to their retirement plans. We at McClure Wealth Management are here to help you avoid making the mistakes that slow the growth and preservation of your wealth. 

Retirement Planning for Business Owners

Retirement Planning for Business Owners

The retirement planning process is inherently more complex for the owner of a business due to the tax structure and multitude of options available. Also, business owners often do not retire all at once, but may choose instead to transition out of running the business full-time. We can help you evaluate your strategy for cashing out and understand what you need to do now in order to set up your business to provide you and your family with a prosperous future.


  •  ● Cash Flow & Contingency Planning
  •  ● Exit & Succession Planning
  •  ● Business Insurance & Risk Assessment
  •  ● Buy/Sell Agreements

Company Retirement Plan Setup and Management

If your company does not offer a retirement plan, we can put everything in place and provide a go-to resource for your employees who have questions. We can meet with your staff in person or virtually to help them better understand their retirement options and how to manage their accounts. We can also assist with rollovers from prior employer plans.

Financial Planning for Individuals and Families

We are here to serve as your go-to resource for big-picture questions about your retirement plan. If you do not know how much you need to put aside, how soon you can retire, or what kind of post-retirement lifestyle you can afford, we can help you understand the numbers and the options available to you. We enjoy building long-term relationships with our clients over the span of their careers. As life changes and your family’s needs evolve, we can help you ensure that the right vehicles are in place to provide for your family’s future.

The most common mistakes entrepreneurs and individuals make when investing in their retirement plan include: 


Not starting early enough 

Crucial tax strategies often come with specific decision windows. Business owners often comment during the first meeting that they wish they’d called us years earlier.


Not maxing out your contributions 

Your biggest opportunity for the growth of your retirement plan depends on how much you contribute now. Business owners who work with us often think they are maxing out their contributions already because they do not know about the different methods available.


Paying too much attention to the markets 

Don’t panic if the market dips. This is inevitable. The key is to not try to time the market, but commit to what you can control. You can leave the rest up to us. 


Not utilizing 401(k) rollovers

Withdrawing money out of your 401(k) is often counterproductive to your financial progress. Roll over your funds into a different account instead. 


Taking on too much risk 

Riskier investments made sense when you were younger, but now that time’s passed, you can relax on the risk. 


We partner with clients to help them navigate their financial decisions and keep their retirement plans on the right track.