Comprehensive Retirement Planning

We specialize in comprehensive retirement planning for business owners and their employees. McClure Wealth Management is a financial planning and wealth management practice located in Carlsbad, California. We’re trusted by business owners to guide them through retirement planning for themselves and their employees.

Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs

Our experience has found that business owners tend to miss valuable opportunities to build a prosperous retirement because they did not consult the right people soon enough. We have worked with a wide variety of businesses with annual revenues ranging from $1 million to $50 million. We take pride in serving as a resource for owners and employees looking to delegate the role of financial planning.


Some mistakes we have seen business owners make: 

  •  ● Keeping too much rainy-day cash in the business and missing opportunities to put your capital to work for you
  •  ● Starting too late to take advantage of tax-saving strategies
  •  ● Failing to understand and comply with applicable employment laws governing benefits and retirement accounts.
  •  ● Failing to put adequate checks and balances in place to ensure proper accounting and management of employee retirement plans.

Financial Planning for Employees

If you are an employee on your company’s sponsored retirement plan, we can help you better understand the options and strategies available to you. We have found that employees often do not have anyone to talk to about the big-picture questions about their retirement accounts. We enjoy serving as that resource and growing to become like a part of the company family.


Whether you own a company or work for one, We at McClure Wealth want to help you save time and know that you are making informed decisions about your retirement.


Do you want to know if you’re on the right track?




Wealth Management and Retirement Plan Design

McClure Wealth Management is a financial planning and wealth management practice located in Carlsbad, California. We specialize in comprehensive advisory and investment management services for business owners and individual clients. Our passion is helping entrepreneurs, executives, individuals, and families in building a plan to create the future they deserve. 

We Aim to Provide Financial Planning tailored to
your Business and Family


Retirement Plan Design

We review new clients current investment portfolios and provide a comprehensive analysis.


401K and Business Retirement Plans

We make suggestions aimed at optimizing diversification, coverage, and financial stability.


Financial Planning

We provide quarterly and annual reviews to measure growth and make investment changes.

Years of Experience in Retirement Plan Design

At McClure Wealth, we believe everyone should plan for their retirement early and save as much as possible. Our goal is to help clients save on taxes, diversify their holdings, and protect their capital. 

Investment Research

Are your investment options performing the way they should, given the current financial market?

Retirement Plan Design

Do you have the best financial and retirement plan design for you and your company? Are your employees getting the help they need?

401K Consulting

Is your current retirement plan competitive? Does your financial advisor provide annual benchmarking?

Risk Management

Are you following the right procedures to limit your liability as a trustee? Is your financial advisor looking out for you and your employees best interest?

McClure Wealth Provides Independent Financial Advice

McClure Wealth Management has over 26 years of experience advising business owners and plan sponsors to ensure your retirement plan design is best suited for you and your company.

A Financial Plan Is a Life Plan!

We take a collaborative approach to building client portfolios. Whether it’s a company or individual retirement plan, our financial advisors at McClure take the time to sit down with each client to review their financial position and understand their current and future goals.

Our Philosophy

We believe that planning out the rest of your financial life and staying on track might be one of the most important things you ever do.

Find out how our Retirement Expertise can help your family and business.

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